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  About SCUD
SCUD (GUANGZHOU) DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Located in Guangzhou, China, is a manufacturer of integrated telecommunication products by innovative design, producing premium Bluetooth electronics, and providing OEM/ODM manufacturing to its marketing partners worldwide.
A division of the SCUD Group (HKEX: 01399) in Fuzhou, China; SCUD, a national brand known for its batteries and chargers in China since 2004, the Guangzhou operation was established and registered in 2010 with 20 millions RMB invested in the brand mew 10,000 sq. meter facility that is capable of producing 15,000-20,000 units of Bluetooth devices a day.
Guangzhou, positioned on the top of the industrious and famous Pearl River Delta, strategically located in the heart of the electronics R&D and manufacturing hot-bed, along the scenic Pearl River, SCUD Guangzhou is taking full advantage of what the Delta offers, integrating resources from within SCUD Group of companies we are able to shorten our research-to-production time and to continue state-of-the-arts manufacturing facilities, an experienced international sales team, customer services to our partners around the globe.
At SCUD Guangzhou, we excel on OEM/ODM projects; our in-house design team can create that custom packaging as the key to private branding, quickly and tastefully. All of SCUD Guangzhou products are available for private labeling; we can custom design the casing with custom logo to match the packaging and complete the branding processes.
Going forward, SCUD Guangzhou is looking for qualified distributors and agents or representatives in all areas around the globe. To grow with us, please contact SCUD Guangzhou by calling (86) 20.3652.6678, or send e-mail to info@gzscud.com. An experienced sales person will be available to answer any questions about SCUD Guangzhou products or to discuss your OEM/ODM project We look forward to working with you in the near future.
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